Accountability both online and offline

The insurance and banking industries have systems of accountability. If you don't pay your home loan, other banks will know. In order for peer-to-peer sharing to reach it's full potential it needs an equivalent, overarching system.

Start every transaction with a quick, one click, reputation check. Rate the other party 5 stars, or warn others about them. 100% anonymous!

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How it works

One click to register

You create an account using Facebook. We require minimal data from Facebook (only the numberical userID) and we only use it to log you in.

Initiate a transaction

The invitation link is a one event only link. Once invited, you can both peek into each other's past transaction's ratings as seller or buyer.

Review the transaction

You both review the transaction. This can be as simple as a star rating, or a complete review.

Show your
TRUST sheet

Once you built a good reputation for yourself, you can invite a bank, a landlord or an employer to check your trustworthiness before applying for a loan, an apartment or a job.

TrustSheet whitepaper

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